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Types of Pile Foundations

Types of pile foundations can be classified by different methods such as based on construction material and method of construction.

Pile foundations are one of the most reliable types of foundation construed to rest the structure. In general, the cost of construction of the pile foundations is higher when compared to the shallow foundation types.

When it is not possible to construct the structure on shallow foundations, we used the pile foundation as the second option.

Classification of Piles as per Construction Materials

The following categories of piles can be identified.

  1. Concrete Piles [ cast in situ bored piles and precast piles]
  2. Steel piles [ micro piles, sheet piles, etc.]
  3. Timber piles

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the pile construction. It has very high strength when compared to the other types of materials.

Today, timber pile is very rarely used in the construction today. However, timber has been used through the history for the construction of structures. With the development of the technology, use of the time pile has reduced significantly.

Sheet pile not commonly used in load bearing purposes in a structure directly. Their contribution on the structure or the construction is indirect.

Retaining structures, shoring work, to avoid weak ground lateral movement, etc. sheet pile is sued.

Classification of Piles Based on the Method of Construction

This type of pile can be categorized under two main types and also, they mostly related to the concrete piles.

  1. Cast in situ bored piles
  2. Driven Piles

Cast in situ bored piles are the most commonly constructed pile in the world.

They are constructed at the site. Firstly, we do the excavation, and we do the cocreating of pile after cleaning the excavation.

In driven pile foundation, they ae constructed early and brought to the site for installation. Letting weight to fall on the pile or vibrating hammer is used to install the pile. This is generally applicable for the precast concrete piles.

Sheet pile are drive with the vibrating hammer and other method is not commonly used.

The timber piles are also inserted into the ground by putting sudden impact on the pile.

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