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What is Soil Investigation Report

What is soil investigation report? What is mean to the engineers and contractors? What is the reason to have it? Answers for all those questions will be discussed in this article.

Foundations are designed and constructed to rest the structure safely on it. There are different types of foundations. Mainly they can be categorized under the following categories.

    1. Shallow Foundations
    2. Deep Foundations

Shallow Foundations

Foundations that are constructed at shallower depths are included in this category. Pad footings, Combined footings, Raft foundations, etc are fallen to this category.

Deep Foundation

Foundations that are constructed up to deeper depths due to the weak condition of the ground or due to the higher axial loads, and as per the recommendation of the design are identified as deeper foundations. Cast in-situ piles, micro piles, driven piles, etc can be considered as examples to this category.

As discussed above, the selection of the type of foundation is based on many factors. Structural engineers are not that involve in selecting the type of foundation. It could be done by the geotechnical engineer after examining the condition of the ground.

The process of examining ground is done through the geotechnical investigation. The structural designer needs the type of foundation to be constructed to carry the particular loading from the superstructure. To assist this, geotechnical investigations are done.

The outcome of the geotechnical investigation is the recommendation for a foundation based on the soil investigation data. The report that presents the brief about the project, project data, properties of soil observed during the investigation, borehole data, Standard Penetration Values (SPT), etc is known as geotechnical investigation report or soil investigation report in construction.

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